About us Investor Deck Opportunity to Earn income at our marketplace thru buying, selling and reselling at secondary
marketplaces. Exotic NFT assets I Low gas Fee I Life-Long Royalty for the creators I Announcing
Fractionalized Luxury Paintings I Collectibles I Exclusive exhibitions planned at Metaverse Galleries.
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Welcome to Invest in Artworld.Life via ART Tokens - Secured by Binance BEP20 Powered Smart Contract

Opportunity to invest in fast growing metaverse industry and reap 2X benefits in terms of ROI via token appreciation once listed in decentralized exchanges

Exclusive Private Sale of Artworld.Life
'ART' Tokens '

Click & Copy the Right Wallet Address listed below and Select Binance Smart Chain @Metamask in your browser / Mobile app . Invest a min of US$ 1000 equivalent in your choice of cryptocurrency listed here.
( Pricing @0.001 BNB per ART Token ). A BUY order of min US$ 1000 required to be eligible to get 25% Bonus Tokens.
Alternatively, Click the below listed LINKS and Select your SLAB of investment ( Coinbase Wallet will show crypto equivalent to the selected slab amount based on current market rate) ( Pricing @0.001 BNB per ART Token ). A BUY order of min US$ 1000 required to be eligible to get 25% Bonus Tokens.
ART Tokens by Binance BEP20 Smart Contracts
Bonus Tokens - 25%
Binance BEP20 Tokens
1 BTM Token Price – 0.001 BNB
Total Supply  – 1000,000,000 ART
Min Investment & Slabs Available
US$ 1000 / 3000 / 5000 /
10000 & 15000
FEB 10, 2022 – MAR 31, 2022
Via Coinbase Wallet
Currency Options in BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, USD Coin and DAI
Currency options in US$ will show equivalent crypto currency at the wallet and you will receive Art Tokens equivalent to the value invested + BONUS TOKENS @0.001 BNB per token
Click to invest US$ 1000

Click to invest US$ 3000 
Click to invest US$ 5000 
Click to invest US$ 10000 
Click to invest US$ 15000 
PAYMENT OPTIONS Via Metamask / Binance Smart Chain Wallets
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Addresses listed ABOVE 
Artworld Life – Global Investment Partners
Artworld Life
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Note : ART Tokens will be transferred manually within 24hrs to your Wallet Address ( which was used in the ART Token purchase after verification from respective wallet transactions )

Roadmap 2021-2022

Our Project Plans, Investment Strategy and New Launches
Feb 2022
Launch of Private Sale - Artworld ART Tokens for the Global Market focusing on Crypto Investors / Funds, Family Offices, Corporate and Institutional Investors
April 2022
Launch of Artworld NFT Marketplace - Digital Artworks I Launch of Seed Sale of ART Tokens I Onboarding 100 theme based collections comprising 8 to 12 artworks each.
June 2022
Onboarding 5000 Digital NFT Artworks for Sale. Launch of Exclusive Artworld Membership which gives access to Virtual Galleries / Exhibit Opportunities
August 2022
Metaverse Launch of Virtual Galleries for Member Exhibits I Exclusive promotion at Metaverses I Onboarding 10000 NFT assets I Public Sale of Art Tokens

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